Chesapeake Bay Related Legislation

Since the Chesapeake Bay Commission’s inception in 1980, members of the Commission have championed significant legislative initiatives to further the restoration of the Chesapeake Bay and its living resources.  In fact, perhaps no other activity better defines the Commission and its role as a Bay Program partner than its efforts to advance legislation at both the state and Federal levels. 

From the beginning, the Commission has acknowledged that each state- Maryland, Pennsylvania and Virginia- must develop its own unique approach to the similar causes of problems facing the Chesapeake Bay.  Each state delegation approaches possible solutions by considering the cultural, financial and ecological conditions of their different jurisdictions.  The Commission also recognizes that to be successful, the legislative branches of each state must be fully engaged in devising that approach. 

For the current legislative session, the General Assembly in each state is considering the following notable Bay related bills:

2017 Legislative Summary


Past Legislative Sessions

The following documents represent a summary of Bay related legislation from prior years. More specific information may be obtained from each state's individual General Assembly Web sites:

Prior Legislation 2016

Prior Legislation 2015

Prior Legislation 2014

Prior Legislation 2013

Prior Legislation 2012

Prior Legislation 2011

Prior Legislation 2010

Prior Legislation 2008-2009

Prior Legislation 2000-2007

Reflecting on 20 Years of Legislative Achievement 1983-2003