About the Commission

The Chesapeake Bay Commission (CBC) is a tri-state legislative commission created in 1980 to advise the members of the General Assemblies of Maryland, Virginia, and Pennsylvania on matters of Bay-wide concern. The commission serves as the legislative arm of the multi-jurisdictional Chesapeake Bay Program and acts in an advisory capacity to their respective General Assemblies.

Twenty-one members from three states define the Commission's identity and its work. Fifteen of the members are legislators, five each from Maryland, Virginia, and Pennsylvania. Completing the ranks are cabinet secretaries from each state who are directly responsible for managing their states' natural resources, as well as three citizen representatives who bring with them a unique perspective and expertise.

Each calendar year, the chairmanship of the Commission rotates among the states. In January 2017, Virginia turned the gavel over to Pennsylvania with the election of Representative Garth Everett as Chairman. In 2018, the chairmanship will rotate to Maryland.